Saturday, April 12, 2008

Art for Ari

It's up! My friend Ari Hest's new album, "Winter Songs" featuring 13 songs he has written (one per week) starting this year is now available on iTunes with one of my paintings as the cover art.

The artwork selected is a painting on paper done in 2005 and is titled "Rupture IV". It is mixed media on paper: acrylic, pencil, oil pastel and sand.

Ari chose that piece out of an assortment of paintings I had suggested. I had made my original selections according to what I felt was the most visually indicative of "Winter" but also pieces that reflected the emotion that Ari's songs evoke.

Check it out on iTunes! (note: link will open up your iTunes application on your computer.)

My favorite songs: "One, Two", "Broken Voices", "Better Than Before" and "Morning Streets".

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Deborah Barlow said...

Filiz, the cover looks stunning. Congrats.